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Have you considered a pop-up glitter bar?

Updated: May 1, 2020

Have you thought about adding an extra touch of sparkle to your celebrations?

If you haven't come across pop-up glitter bars, Alison Grass, founder of The Cambridge Glitter Bar has the lowdown for you...

"Cambridge Glitter Bar is fun and entertaining, bringing extra excitement and laughter to everyone - brides, grooms and ALL the guests.

We work with environmentally-safe glitters and the FULL colours of the rainbow.

Glitter can suit any wedding but especially the festival and tipi style weddings currently on-trend.

What kind of styles?

Anything goes! You can have glitter on your body with a gorgeous chest piece or a sprinkle of glitter on your shoulder or on your face to add extra glam to your makeup.

What about the men?

Well, they are queuing up too of course. Glitter beards, moustaches, eyebrows are all the rage.

How hard is it to remove?

Soap and water does the trick but here is a little tip - use sellotape for any loose glitter that is still on. Mainly for chunky glitter rather then fine glitter, it's very easy to remove!

A pop-up glitter bar is a now popular concept with widespread appeal and has become an instant hit on the wedding circuit these last few years.

So, here's to sparkling the night away on the dance floor with your loved ones!"

Thanks for that Ali!

If you'd like to book The Cambridge Glitter Bar, drop Ali a line and say hi!

You can of course, also stalk The Cambridge Glitter Bar on Instagram :)

AND - for some additional inspo, check out her video below too:


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