• Cambridge Vintage Bridal

At 68 years young, this vintage wedding dress looks like the future.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The vintage wedding dress featured in this shoot has a classic shape for the era and features a botanical patterned chiffon top layer to give it an extra floaty quality.

Given that the dress is 68 years young, it was certainly made to last and beguile again (and again and again hopefully).

This dress is 'classic', if you want that look, it's 'rustic' if that's your vibe and it's also 'city-chic' if you are thinking about an Islington Town Hall wedding, arriving in a 1970s Lotus Elite, for example.

We designed the shoot palette and objectives around this dress and the enchanted garden backdrop - this shoot was all about nature, earthy tones, browns, burgundies, warmth, camel hues, texture, throws, blankets, foliage, fairy lights, snowdrops, wilderness, wood and thatch, chalky paint, flying jackets, chilled vibes and a bride in the wild in boots!

Not reference points a 1950s bride would have ever contemplated - but the dress design endures and proves that when you choose well, you've got a keeper on your hands.

And as for the other elements?

A dark, textured cake, hand drawn stationery, a neutral, rustic bouquet with silk ribbons, short feathers woven into the hair and natural make up with a slightly darker lip.

The dress's Dior-like silhouette is timeless, feminine and elegant and coupled with its unusual textured fabric, gives the dress a fantastic sense of gravitas. It is a one of a kind piece and I wanted to show off how versatile it could look, through a modern lens.