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Introducing Scentscapology. Helping you Escape Through Scent.

We have been very busy in the last few months at Cambridge Vintage Bridal, creating a 'treat' brand for the home, couples, brides and - well, everyone who has to work from home and switch focus and mood throughout the day.

We hand-pour all Scentscapology candles in small batches at our 'earth house', a 350 year old,  thatched-farmhouse which sits within a conservation area at the Fen's Edge in Cambridgeshire.

​We have mined our fertile locality and mature walled-garden for 'scentspiration'  to bring YOU a meaningful and transformative soy wax candle collection.

As we pour the candles under the thatch, we hope they are imbued with just a little of  the farmhouse's earthy, wondrous and prevailing spirit, here on the uplands surrounding the Fen's Edge.

You can find a selection of Scentscapology scented candles in the Cambridge Vintage Bridal shop.

Brand photography by @thymelanephoto

Flowers by @whatthefleur


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