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These are high-energy, fun wedding films that people actually want to watch AND go crazy for. No cheese. No boring, sombre music.

No cringe-inducing speeches over the top of sweeping landscapes. And dare we say it, NO wedding rings placed on a flower petal??? Please!

These are films about YOU and your kick-ass wedding day.

I make it my mission to have the most fun with you when we're filming and then I make it into THE most face-achingly and joyous film for you to watch 54 million times. In one night. (This WILL happen.)

Take a look at some of the awesome couples I've filmed and let's do this!"

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Do you make wedding films?  You don't have to be based in Cambridge or even East Anglia, my couples come from all over and get married both locally, nationally and internationally - the furthest afield to-date being China! Help me to inspire couples when it comes to choosing an awesome way to document their big day.

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