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White Label Vintage

We work with brands and individuals to curate bespoke rails of WHITE LABEL VINTAGE WEDDING DRESSES for resale.

Sustainability is the hottest trend in the wedding industry right now, what is your business doing to embrace it?


Do you stock ethically made, sustainably sourced, locally produced and handmade garments?


So, why not stock vintage too?


 My focus is getting vintage wedding dresses back into the retail chain.

Work with us to help show couples that there is an alternative to fast-made, planet costing, single wear wedding dresses:

White Label Vintage Wedding Dress

Service Packages Are Bespoke.

Please contact us so we can provide you with a tailored cost based on your business, location and requirements. 


We are also able to create and design a brand for your white label collection of vintage wedding dresses and coordinate shoots to provide you with marketing assets.

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