Bespoke Party Bands are small independent live music specialists providing bands for festival weddings, rustic venues and tipi or tent celebrations.


Operating from a professional music studio, the bands host regular showcases for you to come and experience them in action.


This small agency is not about a revolving door of musicians - they value quality and consistency of performance over quantity of acts every time.

If you want disco fever, 80s-00s hits, funk, soul and modern pop that you want then look no further than Dance Away.⁠

If you fancy something a little less pop and a lot more indie anthems, modern hits, folk and rock then check out The Upper Hand. ⁠

If you like a bit of Jazz, be it Smooth, Soul Fusion, Funk, Swing or Bebop, then have a listen to The RC Jazz Collective.⁠

Live music doesn’t just set the sound, it creates the atmosphere.

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"Hi, my name’s Wayne and I’m a wedding DJ.


I specialise in providing the entertainment for weddings where the emphasis is on fun instead of formal.


When you think of a Wedding DJ, you probably think of someone who turns up with a load of lights and big speakers, presses “play” on a tried and tested list of “wedding music” and goes home again.


It doesn’t have to be that way!


I work closely with you to ensure I’m going to be providing exactly the type of entertainment you’d like to make your wedding memorable. From the type of music to the look of the equipment - the choice is yours.


And with services covering from ceremony to carriages, you can be sure your big day is in safe hands when it comes to the entertainment."

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