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Bohemian Princess: A Lockdown FaceTime shoot.

In a locked-down world, beauty is everywhere and so is creativity...

When Noemi, founder of Thyme Lane Photography suggested a FaceTime bridal shoot, I jumped at the chance. Especially when I saw who else she had approached to get involved - from a distance of course.

I speedily posted a 1970s boho wedding dress off to Eveline, the model, who we have worked with before and pondered how the shoot was going to logitically work, but given that Noemi had been doing these kind of shoots across the world throughout lockdown, I knew we were in good hands.

I absolutely love these images and think that we will all look back on them in years to come as we remember the crazy year that was 2020.

Well done team, I look forward to working with you again and I don't mind if it's on a larger scale or on a small and intimate one like this shoot.

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