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Peachy in a 1980s David Fielden Vintage Wedding Dress.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

The dress in this post was purchased in 1981 - and as the original bride collected the dress from the David Fielden flagship store, on the Kings Road in London - she saw Princess Diana.

For those who know me well, I am a huge champion of the 1980s wedding dress - yes even the big ones!

I think they are seriously overlooked when it comes to vintage gowns.

This dress comprises of chiffon, lace and silk and is so well designed for any season because it's in FOUR PARTS - who knew?

- The skirt

- The camisole top

- The blouse

- The silk sash

Styled and shot beautifully as part of a Peachy themed shoot earlier this year:

Get the look for your big day, connect with the suppliers via Instagram:


@haleshallgreatbarn @fringe.and.fray @ivyfloralevents @spooncake_loddon @lenniebeare @penandfold

And the dress itself is currently for sale in my Etsy shop.


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