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How to wear a 1950s Shirt Dress and Create a Rustic Vibe.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

There are SO many things about this shoot that I LOVE but the most endearing thing is how Chloe and Jot look at each other.

An early start - I'm talking SUNRISE - created a lovely warmth and framed this woodland shoot so well.

Here at Cambridge Vintage Bridal, my ethos is to show how a vintage wedding dress can look like the future and not the past. I'm keen to showcase heritage pieces through a modern lens for eco-minded brides and glamour pusses.

And this shoot does such a great job of showing how an original 1950s shirt dress can look totally current on a modern bride in a rustic setting.

A brilliant team, led by Thyme Lane Photography set the scene...

I love how the natural light dances on the hat.

Earthy tones, burgundy ink, silk ribbons and a cake to die for!

The flowers are simply stunning too - love the texture and tones of the bouquet.

Bow tie and button hole anyone? If you are thinking about a bow-tie, see what the Vintage Suit Hire company have to say.

And when it all comes together in a shot like this? SO BEAUTIFUL.

These two are just a dream.

Well done to Noemi at Thyme lane Photography - that is the sun rise!

Love the mixing of patterns and textures here...

If you were wondering about that hat from earlier...

So very festival bride!

This sheer 1950s wedding dress moves beautifully and has a full skirt for twirling.

Thinking about footwear? Boots, all the way for this look!

Like what you see? Get the look by following all of the below on instagram:


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