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Rustic Vintage Vibes for Bride and Groom.

When planning this shoot, I wanted to make sure it was colourful, happy and intimate.

My idea was to set the scene as follows:

It's a story about what happens next; an intimate and ‘cosy toes’ post wedding setting that shows an elated bride and groom at their most relaxed. They are enjoying being together, letting their hair down and loving their natural surroundings.

Imagine that the bride and groom have escaped for a pre honeymoon getaway to a country house...

We chart their arrival at ‘teatime’ and follow their story from this point, spanning their jubilant arrival, some epic chilling, mouth watering feasting, cute dancing and a bit of fireside reflecting - and yes, there will be confetti...

Just pulling out my favourite images from the shoot to give you the flavour:

Follow the full photo story below, I've kept it like a storyboard, so you can see what my vision was.

Suppliers credited at the end :)

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