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A 'Slow Fashion' and Hand-Crafted Affair...

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Whilst there are plenty of responsibly made and produced wedding dress out there and numerous dressmakers who focus on making wedding dresses as ethically as possible - there is a pretty scary space in fashion per se - fast fashion:

To generalise for a moment - cheap, single use garments, made in bulk, distributed globally and sold cheaply, often with a lack of environmental care and at the expense of factory workers' wellbeing.

So, what is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is the anthesis of this.

Slow fashion is about embracing clothes for longer, buying well and finding ways to repurpose or reimagine clothes you 'think' you no longer need.

For example, do you like the wedding dress in the picture above?

It's 109 years old.

This dress is known as a cotton lawn dress, this one I believe hails from the USA and dates back to 1910.

As vintage wedding dresses go, it was the oldest one I have surfaced to-date. Now sold, I was thrilled to work with a team to showcase just how beautiful a dress of this age can look - especially when the entire shoot utilised vintage, recycled and handmade items and really showcased the local suppliers' creativity.

Like what you see?

Connect with the suppliers via Instagram:

Photography @thymelanephoto

Venue @lanwadeshall

Styling @waterfallweddingdecor

Flowers @willowandwolfflowers

MUA @lucyannemua

Hair @clairebarberella

Dress @cambridgevintagebridal

Suit @duncanjameswalsall

Accessories @rachelsokhalbridal

Stationery @dorothys_workshop6

Cake @onepartlovebakery

Textiles @miasylviaa

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