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Real Bride: What Danielle wore

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I met Danielle at my studio last year and she was captivated by a 1963, cream parchment Tanagra satin dress with a Venetian lace 'top' and matching pillbox hat - which I had just taken on a few days earlier and hadn't yet had the chance to process.

As is often the case, with a vintage wedding dress purchase, alterations were required.

For Danielle, the back of the dress needed a redesign to better fit her frame. I happily put Danielle in touch with Clare from River Elliot Bridal, who is an absolute expert when it comes to custom dress making and altering vintage gowns.

Danielle has a super sense of style and I think she absolutely rocks this vintage silhouette and Jackie O pillbox style hat,

After the ceremony, the jacket and hat were taken off to reveal the beautifully re-versioned satin dress:

Congratulations guys!

Don't they make a handsome pair?

Yup, I'm a sucker for a dog at a wedding, especially one with his own Instagram account.


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