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A 1950s vintage wedding dress, through a modern lens.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

As silhouettes go, there is something so timeless and feminine about a 1950s waist pinching, full skirted, tea length, swing dress, right?

This style is iconic, so very Hollywood and still looks current amongst the amazing new trends out there. I don't think brides will ever tire of this shape.

As a decade, 1950s fashion was pretty structured - rigid even. Hair was majorly styled and sprayed, make up was fierce and lacked subtly, which is why this shoot works so well...

The dress is an original 1959 wedding dress, bespoke made and worn in London. We just shot it as naturally as possible, with neutral, barely there make-up and flowing hair - in the beautiful gardens of Audley End.

I love the juxtaposition of a 'fashion relic' in an extraordinarily unfamiliar surrounding, it helps me to showcase vintage to the modern bride and get couples thinking about eco-friendly and sustainable choices for their big day.

If you are wondering what to wear WITH a vintage wedding dress like this one? We went for an amazing, theatrical headpiece.

How fabulous?

The incredibly talented CC Millinery Creations, created this breathtaking masterpiece, her Instagram feed is a must follow.

Now, every vintage wedding dress I curate has a story and this one can't go unmentioned.

One of the ladies in the following photo made THIS dress in 1959. The bride who wore it is in the back row. This is Hampton’s in Battersea London in its hey day and the team in the photograph were the soft furnishings and upholstery machinists. The bride only had a photo of what she wanted and it was put together without a pattern! I love it when a dress comes with an interesting photo or story :) And check out the posters of the celeb hotties behind them!

It's so lovely to know more about the history of a dress where possible.


Get the look:

Connect with the following people over on Instagram: @michellekconnop

The dress of course is from my own Cambridge Vintage Bridal collection, you can find it via the Etsy store.


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