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The Rise of The Pandemic and Sustainable Fashion Trends by Kendall Jablonowski.

We were really interested in this piece written by Kendall Jablonowski, a senior at Asbury University in Wilmore, KY. Kendall is pursuing a degree in The Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a PR emphasis.

During a placement in Paris, Kendall worked with Cambridge Vintage Bridal and many creative partners to produce a stunning styled shoot, featuring an original 1950 gown (see the title image). She recently interviewed our founder, Siobhan Mulholland-Cox and wrote this thought provoking piece on the current pandemic and the rise of sustainable fashion trends:

"The pandemic has sparked a new trend in the fashion industry. Sustainable fashion has increased due to the rise of the pandemic. This trend is a wake-up call to designers.

According to the Outdoor Industries Association, activities including backpacking, mountain

biking, and trail running showed a double-digit increase in 2020. As people are in self-isolation, consumers have a newfound appreciation for nature, highlighting the importance of outdoor apparel. This should propel designers to look for outside resources and more efficient ideas for environmentally friendly fabric.

One brand that advocates sustainable fashion is the athletic apparel store, LuluLemon. According to the company’s financial report, the growth of sales from 2016 to 2020 has

increased by 21.01%. Consumers are wanting the newest version of stylish and eco-friendly


Sustainability will ensure that clothing is manufactured in such a way that the product's life cycle minimises any undesirable environmental effect.

Not only can sustainable fashion benefit the environment and consumers but it can help with

branding and campaigning.

The founder of Cambridge Vintage Bridal, Siobhan Mulholland-Cox, curates and sells

vintage wedding gowns and had this to say about the current fashion industry:

“I am looking forward to more innovation when it comes to fabrics, production and re-use.

Wonderful to see a pop-up Oxfam shop in Selfridges recently (London) and am hopeful for

many more meaningful ways that 'fashion' past and present can collide in these big spaces and in big campaigns. My brand is all about giving back to the environment and re-inventing unique pieces. Re-imagining and re-selling. Personally, I tend to buy timeless designs so I am not chasing my tail to buy the latest and greatest,”

The fashion industry should consider these three things due to the rise of the pandemic:

1. Fashion garments are now tied to a brand’s environmental credentials. Designing more sustainable fashion pieces could benefit the industry because it could create

ethical, trend-led collections without damaging our planet.

2. The designers should consider making clothes that all consumers will want to buy and wear

such as loungewear, sweatpants, or even practical pieces to wear to a virtual job interview.

3. Fashion designers should challenge the pandemic by creating boundaries in a way that makes

luxurious clothing items fit in all categories and seasons for consumers".

Thanks Kendall! Great piece!


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