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The rise of the evening reception dress AKA 'the second dress'.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

It is not just Royal brides and pop stars who are opting for a second wedding dress on their wedding day.

A second dress is very much a trend being embraced by everyday brides who are keen to 'change up' and be party-ready as soon as the cake is cut.

And why not? I had a bride recently, the lovely Amanda (as seen in these photographs by Freckle Photography), who chose a Cambridge Vintage Bridal vintage wedding dress as her second dress.

This 1950s, vintage cream lace strapless gown gave Amanda plenty of movement with its full skirt and was great for dancing in - as you will see!

Traditionally and in the movies, brides have worn a second outfit, usually a 'going away formal dress or suit' - a style step-change before they venture off on an immediate honeymoon, prematurely abandoning the party!

Not today's brides.

A second wedding dress today signals that the party is just about to start AND that the couple is ready to relax into the evening and enjoy what is about to unfold - let's say that a second dress is akin to a groom removing his dickie bow, a guest removing their hat, or kicking off a pair of heels under the table ready to enjoy the speeches and the anticipation of a bit of dancing.

I think Amanda and Matt looked absolutely incredible together in these shots, congratulations guys!

My motto this weekend?

Dance like Amanda.

Thank you Amanda and Matt for letting me share some of your wonderful photographs - all captured by the supremely talented Emma @ Freckle Photography.


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