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A Vintage Inspired Boho Wedding Dress for Festival Brides.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Once upon a time, I had a very rare (now sold) 1930s wedding dress, I called it 'Mirabelle'.

She was fragile, stunning and quite frankly, unlike anything I had come across before.

After I sold her, I wanted to somehow preserve her memory, so I set about designing THIS dress, Otillie.

She is my ONLY vintage inspired wedding dress in the Cambrdge Vintage Bridal collection and is based upon Mirabelle.

I fell in love with the panelled lace and long train, so I kept these elements but gave Otillie lace sleeves and a full length back zip, because the side buttons on Mirabelle were tricky.

Otillie is also white whereas Mirabelle was cream.

I loved working on this project and found someone who helped me make the actual dress (way beyond my clumsy stitching skills!) but it certainly reignited my passion for design - my 19 year-old self, a fashion student would be very proud.

Just a little look at how she hangs too - LOVELY!

Get the look:

Connect with the suppliers for this shoot on Instagram:

photography @thymelanephoto suit @duncanjameswalsall jewellery and hair @bridaladornments MUA @ljhartistry flowers @emily_tallulah_flowers models @martiningley @louise.devon venue @bedfordswanhotelweddings 

The Otillie wedding dress can be found via my Etsy Shop


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