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How to Wear a Short Vintage Wedding Dress

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

How much did the 1980s love the 1920s?

Enough to reimagine the classic Flapper dress as a wedding dress...

This is 'Willow' - a 1980s wedding dress, based heavily upon a 1920s Flapper design.

The 1980s generally loved to reimagine a period wedding gown - especially the Edwardian and Victorian eras but I particularly love this take on the 1920s style.

As a stand alone vintage piece this dress holds its own but when teamed with something contemporary and in vogue with modern brides - such as 'chunky boots', it suddenly feels very fashion forward and more probable as a choice for the modern bride who may be contemplating a shorter dress and fun footwear for the 'outdoorsy' part of the wedding.

(Wish I'd have though about that for my 'rain storm punctuated' May wedding and post party, cliff top BBQ with fireworks!)

So, for a shorter dress style, don't rule out the 1980s and its revival of the 1920s!

Get the look:



And the Cambridge Vintage Bridal vintage wedding dress can be found here.


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