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Halloween Wedding Inspo: Black, Gold & Purple...

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I was so thrilled to take part in this Halloween wedding shoot - the vibe? Sustainability, glamour, black, gold and purple.

Deep, dark and textured and with a heavy emphasis on recycling and reusing materials, this shoot really does show that creating an epic look doesn't need to cost the earth.

Foraging for flowers is definitely something on my radar now.

Noemi, from Thyme Lane Photography tried to ensure that all items were vintage, second hand, found on the farm and had plenty of opportunity for future use...

Stunningly beautiful and the use of a 1960s vintage gold wedding dress was totally the right way to go!

As Halloween wedding shoots go, this one was a lot of fun and so creative!

The full blog post is available to read on Festival Brides.

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