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A Groom's guide to planning the Wedding Suits.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Don’t let choosing your wedding suit be a daunting task.

Here is a handy guide from Chimney Formal Menswear about getting it right (we recommend printing this out and pinning to your fridge!).

It’s very likely that on your ‘to-do’ list is a heading that says, ‘Wedding Suits for me and the Groomsmen’.


So, here's what you need to do...


10 – 12 months before a wedding is a good time to start your research for your wedding suits. Look online, read reviews, google your local retailers and book an appointment with the one which best shows an understanding of your needs.


A 90-minute appointment should adequately provide you with the time to find the look for your wedding. Use your time wisely by experimenting with different colours and styles, be open to advice and even try something beyond your comfort zone. You may be pleasantly surprised and find a very individual style of wedding suit in which you feel very confident.

Take Photos:

If permitted, take photos of the different styles you try and, if you still need time to think over your choice, you can use them to revisit styles and help you make your decision.

Decision Time:

Finalise your wedding suit, style, colour and alternatives for your groomsmen at this early stage. If your wedding is much later next year there will be no need to have fittings done now, just decide on the outfit and colours and whether you want to buy or hire.


Confirm your contract with your supplier. A deposit usually seals your contract to hire or buy and can be done by phone, email, direct payment or a second visit to your suit retailer.

Sit Back:

With the important decisions made and knowledge of the budget you are working within, sit back and enjoy that smug feeling.

It’s 6 months before your wedding and here are a few tips to help you organise your transition into the best dressed groom of the year:

Organise your Best man and Ushers:

You can relax a little as you have decided on your style of suit, colour and accessories but use this time to contact your groomsmen to confirm that you will be asking them to come for fittings later in the year. Find an appropriate set of dates when they are free and book these with your suit supplier and don’t forget to put it in your diary too. Confirming dates back to your groomsmen is also wise.

Buying your suit?

If you are purchasing your suit or your waistcoat, find out when is a good time to be fitted and place your order. If you are planning to lose weight this can be left for a while until your weight stabilises but ensure there is enough ordering time left. Alternatively, order early and, if your weight changes, then you could have your suit tailored to fit.

Once your suit or waistcoat arrives:

Ensure you collect it promptly and try it on. If you think you will need to have it tailored find a reputable tailor or seamstress in good time.

Hiring your suit?

All fittings for hiring suits will ideally take place around 6 weeks before your wedding.


As the date for fittings comes closer start to decide on the extra accessories. Source your pocket watch if you want one. What about cufflinks? Are you going to leave it to your guys to remember to bring along their Grandad’s ones which they have put in a ‘safe place’ or are you going to treat them with a ‘Thank You’ present? You know your groomsmen better than anyone else so choose cufflinks appropriate to their interests or trades or choose a colour to co-ordinate with the wedding theme.


Decide if you are buying for the whole party or are they to find their own? Be clear with your instructions as to the shade and colour you wish them to have.

Time for your fittings:

Around 6 weeks before your wedding is the time for you and your groomsmen to have your fittings for your hired suits. Remind them of the date and consider the following:

Bring some smart shoes with you:

You may already have the wedding shoes but, if not, bring any smart shoes. This will help with determining the trouser length.

Listen to the style advice of your wedding suit retailer:

Formal trousers are usually worn higher on the waist than casual jeans and, if this isn’t done, then they will appear too long, baggy, ill-fitting and the sharp look you seek will be lost.

Find out how to tie your tie or cravat:

If possible, watch a demonstration by your style advisor or if you are directed to a video or a blog, take time to have a look at it and familiarise yourself with the technique.

Check your dates:

Check the dates when the hired suits are to be collected and returned and organise someone to return them for you if you are off on honeymoon.

The week before your wedding:

It is now a week before your wedding and the hired wedding suits have arrived:

1. Deliver the suits to all your groomsmen.

2. Encourage everyone to try on their suits to ensure all fits well. This is especially important for you, the groom.

3. If anyone’s weight has changed tell your retailer and order replacements

4. Practise knotting your ties or cravats. Don’t leave it until the wedding day but practise before hand and dress in good time on the day to prevent a last-minute panic.

Finally, the big day has arrived.

All that planning and organisation has paid off.

You are all ready to go out there - sharp, well groomed, confident and ready to WOW!

Written by Sharon Cousans @ Chimnney Formal Menswear.


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