Can I sell your dress?

Potentially yes - if the dress is from the 1920s through to the 1980s and fits with the Cambridge Vintage Bridal brand and collection ethos of 'original vintage wedding dresses of unique beauty'.

Here's how it works:


First and foremost Cambridge Vintage Bridal is a curated collection of original vintage wedding dresses but on occasion, I am open to consigning dresses. This means I will 'host' your dress as part of my collection and when the dress sells, we split the revenue 50/50, no other fees or charges.

The benefits of a partnership:

  • Cambridge Vintage Bridal will photograph and market your dress for the shop on this site and any other channels it chooses to sell via

  • Cambridge Vintage Bridal will market your dress via its social channels

  • Your dress will benefit from traffic that comes from the directory sites Cambridge Vintage Bridal sits on and any blogs it has a presence on

  • Your dress will benefit from exposure at any wedding fairs Cambridge Vintage Bridal books to attend

  • Your dress will benefit from organic and paid search activity that Cambridge Vintage Bridal undertakes


As with any stock-based business, I cannot predict when your dress will sell and suggest we mutually agree on a 'sale duration period'.


I also insist on exclusivity; so your dress cannot be advertised elsewhere at the same time. If your dress does not sell, you are free to remove it from my store and sell it elsewhere, If you'd like to use the photos, you simply need to credit them 'Photos by Cambridge Vintage Bridal'.

If you have a vintage wedding dress you would like me to look at, please get in touch and tell me as much about it as you can; pictures, condition, does it require repairs, age of dress and how you acquired it.





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